Wednesday, December 30, 2015

41 new monsters from Wampus Country

Apparently I've completely missed out on the Wampus Country blog, but thankfully the author has made some of his creations available on DTRPG with Wampus Country Tome 41: Theriospheric Transfigurations.

Forty-one animal-themed spells of dubious use to the discerning wizard, along with some notes on various animals of the Wampus Country.  Tome 41: Theriospheric Transfigurations is a compilation of material from the Wampus Country blog supplemented with new material.  The spell descriptions therein are for use with Labyrinth Lord or any similar grey-haired game, or can provide inspiration for any system which tolerates some silliness in its magic.
Wampus Country is a fantasy frontier setting of tall tales, humorous action, and winking satire.  As such, the content of Theriospheric Transfigurations may be incompatible with Very Serious Campaigns.

Check it out, it's Pay What you Want, and if you like it, I'm sure a donation would be appreciated. 

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