Sunday, March 20, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — March 20th, 2016

Busy, busy week.

Not quite OSR to my mind, but close: Kenzer released some new Hackmaster modules.


Cults of the Sundered Kingdom S&W Edition -  This is a compilation of old 3e Necromancer Games adventures converted to S&W. Two are pretty decent - Morrick Mansion and Aberrations (as you might guess, both are somewhat Lovecraftian) and I don't remember the third. Plus 3 new adventures. 364 pages, $25. Really, the only question is how good the conversion is, past conversions have been kinda half-assed.

Hinterlandet: Dragens dal Tarnet I Skoven -  This is an OSR module for a Danish retro clone. 28 pages and $1.95. (Why is it priced in dollars if it's Danish?)

Hinterlandet: Dragens dal - Porten til Drømmeriget - This is the second module in the series. Also in Danish. 27 pages and $1.95

Hinterlandet: Dragens dal - Den syngende vinds tempel - This is the third module in the series. Still in Danish. 23 pages, $1.95

Tales of the Terrible Button Dragon - It's been a while, I think, but the Gagmen are back with another adventure for Basic Fantasy Roleplaying. 15 pages, PWYW


Blood, Guts, and Glory - From Blacky the Blackball who did the BECMI clone comes this OSR game about furries in Elizabethan England. PWYW (and I think probably free on his own website) 

Microlite75 - Another version of the Microlite game rules. PWYW

Microlite75 Basic - More Microlite. While perhaps he's gone a bit overboard, it's to help his (or his wife's, I think) medical bills, so a good cause PWYW.

The Arcane - New S&W Class. 99 cents

The Blood is the Life - Vampire character class for B/X. PWYW and 8 pages.

The Hero's Journey - Already mentioned this, a White Box variant from Barrel Rider Games. PWYW

The Rann - New S&W class. 99 cents

The Renegade - New class for S&W. 99 cents

The Runner - Another new class for S&W. Wonder if it has a "Blinded by the Light" power. 99 cents

The Starrunner Kit: A Sci-Fi Space Toolkit - While seemingly mostly for White Star, this offers new races, classes and rules for things like mecha for Sci-Fi OSR games. 78 page and $6.99


Doomslakers OSR Character Sheets Pack - Hand drawn character sheets for OSR games.

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