Thursday, April 28, 2016

Adventures in the Eark Mark Lives!

Adventures in the East Mark being the English translation of a Spanish BECM D&D (no I as far as I know, but based on Mentzer's version of the game)retro clone. It used the same model as BECM - Red Box for basic, Blue box for Expert and so forth and was funded by Kickstarter a couple years ago. However, for whatever reason, after shipping the Red Box, plans for the Blue Box were dropped (I would guess low sales).

But now it appears Stewart Wieck and his new company, Nocturnal Media, is stepping in to take over Adventures in the East Mark. He is probably best known for being part of White Wolf (Vampire the Masquerade) and recently bought the remnants of West End Games.

Potentially this is a big deal. The Spanish Adventures in East Mark products have really great production values and also quite a number of products, so we could be seeing a steady stream of high quality OSR material if things go right.

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