Monday, June 20, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow — June 19th

Last week was quite busy. This week? Not so much, highlight being a huge monster manual from Random Gamers Guild


Greyhawk Wars -  I think this is more a Battle System supplement than anything else. 40 pages, $4.99

H2 and H4 The Mines and Throne of Bloodstone. Crazy high level adventures. $4.99 each

WG9 Gargoyle - Introductory adventure for the post-Gygax Greyhawk. $4.99 and 36 pages




Dungeon Questing: Expanding Worlds -  New races (Avian, Golem, Ratling and more) for Dungeon Questing, which is apparently a White Box clone. $1, 19 pages

Dwellers in Dark Places -  This is a rarity, not only is it something for OSRIC, it's a huge product, a giant monster manual containing 340 monsters. $18 and 400 pages and looks like a lot of illustrations.

PC8 - The OSR Amazon Warrior -  This is a fairly straight forward conversion of the 3rd Edition class from Judges Guild back to 1st Edition. PWYW

Truth and Talismans - New Magic Items and a character class for OSR games. $4, 56 pages.

White Box Rogues -  Thief and Assassin class for S&W White Box...why they don't just play S&W Complete is beyond me, but eh. $2.49, 13 pages


B/X Labyrinth Lord Bestiary 6"x6" Cards (A-J) - Because monster manuals are too hard, I guess. PDF is free, but you can spend $24 to get them in print form

The Hero's Journey Character Sheet - For the retro=clone about playing a 70s Arena Rock band. Free


  1. Greyhawk wars is not a Battlesystem supplement. It is both a sourcebook for roleplaying in the era of the Greyhawk Wars against Iuz, and it is also a strategy wargame with heroes that can complete quests for artifacts. IMO, the roleplaying section is so so, and if you get it prepare to print out large maps and lots of tokens- lots of assembly required.

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