Monday, June 13, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — June 12th, 2016

Pretty big week if you like adventures. Which I do.


H1 Bloodstone Pass -  These were the crazy high level (like up to 100) adventures and had a Battle System tie-in. $4.99, 56 pages.

HWA3 Nightstorm - Last module in a trilogy of linked adventures, this is set in an pseudo-India inside the Hollow World. $4.99, 64 pages.


A1 A Forgotten Evil -  Mischief Inc is back with another adventure, this time for level 1-3. They've promised to make this more old school than past efforts. 36 pages, $9.99

A1 A Forgotten Evil (Illustration Book) - You'd think $10 would cover illustrations, but apparently not, for $4.99 you get an additional 8 pages illustration book.

F1 The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying (Illustration Book) - Presumably for their first adventure, which came out a couple years ago. $4.99, 8 pages.

Five Lairs -  Another entry in the Five ___ series from Harbinger games. Like it sounds, these are five lairs (very, very small dungeons) you can drop into your game. 26 pages, $2.99. I wonder if they will do Five Liars in honor of the Arduin Guy's mistaking a typo for monsters having a truthfulness rating.

The Mines of Wexham -  I think that was also the name of the annoying kid (er, piglet) on Pigs in Space: The Next Generation. But also it's a dungeon crawl for Z.E.D.  from the old days (so old, the original author is deceased). 19 pages, $3

The Treasure Vaults of Zadabad - An Island Crawl for Swords & Wizardry. 64 pages, $8


Art of Nod - There are a lot of great things in John Stater's Nod e-zine. I wouldn't say the art was one of those things, but if you disagree with me and want to use some of that art in your projects, here you go. Contains images from issues #27, 28, and 29 and is only $1.99

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  1. You forgot to mention that, Mischief Inc's, "F1: Tomb of Rakoss the Undying", adventure game module, which is Pay What You Want, has been redone to better fit 1st Edition, Advanced Dungeons & dragons, with some new additions & now including Pre-Generated Player Characters !