Monday, August 29, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — August 29th, 2016

Hmmm, fairly busy week. Some adventures, some sourcebooks, some new rules.


DDA1 - Arena of Thaytis -  Basic adventure set in the Roman like country of the Known World (more later Rome). $4.99, 32 pages.

DM Options - High Level Campaigns -  One of the so called 2.5E books, these made the game more complicated, arguably more than 3e. 192 pages and $9.99

H3 Bloodstone Wars -  Crazy high level adventure. 39 pages, $4.99


The Cursed Fountain - Looks like it's the start of a new series of mini-modules from Creation's Edge Games for S&W. For levels 1-3 and 10 pages. $1.50

The Howling Mines of Khegek - Low level adventure for the Holmes inspired game Mazes & Perils. 21 pages, $3.99 

Waybury U - Free system agnostic adventure (though seems to assume character classes, so D&D)


Crying Blades Volume 1 -  Claims to be OSR anyway, not sure of the specific differences from other games. 130 pages, $2.50

Divinities & Cults: Vol 2 - For Labyrinth Lord comes this clerical sourcebook on playing clerics of various Celtic and Roman deities, along with modified casting rules. 53 pages, $4.99

I'm not an expert, but since discovering I'm part Irish I've read a whole lot on Celtic folklore (which I always had an interest in) and they had a lot of gods. Mostly local ones. The ones in this book seem Irish.

Unknown Gods 2016 - The classic supplement is back, apparently now converted to their almost incomprehensible universal rules. $7, 78 pages.


Hydra Sampler -  The good thing about serving hydra at parties is you never run out.  PWYW sample of the Hydra Collective's stuff. 24 pages.

Some enhanced versions of freebie maps from Paratime Design - $1 each


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  2. "One of the so called 2.5E books, these made the game more complicated, arguably more than 3e."

    Nothing is more complicated than 3e, except Pathfinder.