Saturday, December 24, 2016

RIP Vesna Vulovic

One of the more controversial things about AD&D, at least in the pages of Dragon and other venues, was the falling damage system, of 1d6 for every 10' fallen, capping out at 20d6. It was seen as too lenient, letting high level characters escape certain death (in the form of a monster or whatever) by leaping off a cliff, which could potentially be more survivable.

After lots of complaints, it was changed so it was cumulative, 1d6 for 10', 2d6 +1d6 for 20', 3d6 +2d6 +1d6 for 30' and so on

But in real life, falling isn't always so fatal. The late Vesna Vulvic was the record holder for the greatest distance fallen and surviving, a whopping 33,000' out of an airplane that blew up back in 1972.

Clearly she was a 20th level Stewardess.

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