Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — December 13th, 2016

Woof, this is a very busy week. I think cold weather motivates people to stay in and write/game.

Most notably some modules from new comers, Starlight Games and The Scribes of Sparn


Caravans -  Al Qadim adventure or something. $7.99, 104 pages

Cities of Bone - This is a pretty decent sourcebook/adventure book for Al Qadim. 110 pages, $4.99

Naval Battle Rules: The Seas of Cerillia - I was meh on 2e, but I really liked Birthright. This is the sea combat supplement for it. It uses cards, so I'm not sure how this product will work. 45 pages, $4.99

Netheril: Empire of Magic -  Some Forgotten Realms sourcebook. $9.99, 160 pages.

Prayers from the Faithful - As if 2e clerics (er, priests) were poweful enough, there's this FR sourcebook. 128 pages, $9.99

Ruins of Undermountain II: Deep Level Boogaloo - I never got Undermountain, it was like 90% geomorph and 10% dungeon. 160 pages, $9.99


Ancalla: The Broken Towers -  More a setting than adventure, this is for Godbound. 83 pages, $9.99 and apparently in various different formats besides PDF.

Arsenal of the Warrior Princess - This is an OSR adventure (specifically B/X) from newcomer Starlight Games for levels 4-5. $1.99 and 21 pages

Bell, Book, and Candle - Mini-dungeon from Creations Edge Games for Sword & Wizardry characters level 4-6.  10 pages, $1.50

TG1 Lost Temple of Iblotheg - S&W version of a multi-system module from Cut to the Chase games. Hope this one actually has descriptions of the monsters and not just names/stats, their previous module I own had a bunch of new ones that I knew nothing about. 32 pages plus maps, $4.99

The Kringle Castle Invaders - Apparently Santa Claus's castle has been invaded and the PCs (levels 2-4) must save him. $5.75 and 52 pages which seems a bit pricey, but it looks like it has a lot of art.

The Oddboxx of Zoforon -  This has a pretty long backstory, too long to recap here. But it's for levels 5-7. 32 pages, and $5.75


White Box Compendium -  Because you apparently can't ever have enough rules for White Box. 50 pages, $4.99

White Box Gothic - See above. $4.99 and 50 pages.


Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Screen -  6 pages, $1.99

Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 12-09-2016 -  This week's map is pretty neat, a map of city blocks. $1 for the enhanced version.

The Wizard's Scroll Issue 1 - New S&W 'zine with a lot of different authors and artists. Very reasonably priced at $1.99 and 50 pages

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  1. Regarding "Kringle Castle Invaders" and "Odboxx of Zoforon" (above): these titles are available in print on Lulu.com .