Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New OSR Titles at RPGNow/DTRPG — May 30th, 2017

May is one of those months that seems to last forever, which is okay with me, as the weather is usually great.

OSR sale is still going on, but the discounts and selection still suck.  Still,, the AD&D 1e bundle, the Known World bundle, and the Advanced Adventures bundle are very good deals


City System -  Encounters and maps (and I think originally cardboard cutouts) for Waterdeep in the FR. $4.99 and 32 pages.

Council of Wyrms -  in OD&D, EGG suggested that you could play a dragon. Then in AD&D he kinda changed his mind (presumably due to players being players) about tthat. But in 2e, they decided, why not? $9.99 and 196 pages.

Mark of Amber -  This is an AD&D 2e sequel to the classic Castle Amber, though it's almost more one of those sequels that is also kinda a remake. 72 pages, $4.99, no idea if the audio is included.

Rise of the Titans - TSR tried to turn Dragolance into a storytelling game with the SAGA rules. But they still kept putting out AD&D stats, too, like in this book, which is actually about ogres (as in DL they are descended from Titans, I think). $4.99 and 96 pages

The Apocalypse Stone - WOTC wanted everyone to move to 3e, so they came up with this module to destroy your existing 2e campaign, not merely change it like Fate of Istus. 96 pages, $4.99


House of Flowers -  Some sort of pretentious artsy adventure. 72 pages, PWYW

The Folio #12 -  I had the first few of these, but I've completely lost track/interest of them.  2nd part of a trilogy. For 5th to 7th level characters, 1e/5e statted. 36 pages, $5.99

The Folio #13 - Concluding part of a trilogy. Otherwise as above.  28 pages, $5.99


Dungeons & Delvers -  Besides being trademark lawsuit bait, this seems to be some sort of OSR D&D with a bunch of tweaks.  $6.99 and 135 pages.

Witches & Wyverns -  This is kinda why I dislike a large portion of the OSR. Think OD&D Whitebox isn't old school enough for you? Well, this sucker is Chainmail based. Never mind that Chainmail is even clunkier and crappier than even Whitebox. Yes, I should probably lighten up, but Chainmail just really sucks. Sometimes older is not better, it's crappier. 21 pages, $1


Dice Rolling PDF -  Rolling dice too hard? Can't use a virtual program? Well, this PDF will roll dice for you somehow. PWYW

Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 5-26-17 -  This week's map looks like a seaside cave

Star Sword Magazine #1 -  Official magazine devoted to the inexplicably popular White Star, though 3rd party stuff for that has basically stopped. 39 pages, $3.99


  1. Interestingly, Dungeons & Delvers is apparently inspired by the Black Box set of the 1990's.