Friday, June 2, 2017

A Lot More Planet Stories at Comics Book Plus

Zounds! By my count, 12 more issues of the sword & planet magazine since the post I made the other day.  Well, they started off sword & planet, they gradually moved more towards 1950s sci-fi as they er, reached the 1950s.

Some highlights:

British Versions #3 - Warrior Maid of Mars

Spring 1942 - Stories by Gardner Fox and Eenry Kuttner

Fall 1946 -  Dread Flame of M'Tonak by Henry Hasse (who I believe was on the very outskirts of the Lovecraft circle) and a story by Carl Jacobi

Nov 1950 - This issue is getting away from sword & planet and more is cowboys in space. Also a glowing review of Dianetics from James Blish which caused some controversy at the time (and I believed was rebutted by someone in Galaxy Magazine, which they have a full run of at the Internet Arvhice. I don't think that's actually PD though, they aren't real picky)

July 1952 -  Has a Philip K Dick story, Beyond Lies the Wub which is pretty funny.

November 1952 - The Conjurer of Venus by someone I've never heard of and a Leigh Brackett story.

Summer 1955 - Has a Leigh Brackett novel

July 1951 - Story by Jack Vance, Frank Belknap Long, James Blish, and Poul Anderson

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