Friday, October 5, 2018

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — October 4th, 2018

Fairly busy week.  The previously posted Bruce Heard kickstarter has gone live and is almost funded as I write, $7800 of the $8000 goal.


The Book and the Spring -  This seems to be a Mesopotamian themed adventure for 1e, but it seems to be spit into the encounter book (which is $5.99 and 52 pages) and maps for $2.99 (and 36 pages)

The Hidden Hand of the Horla -  1st to 3rd level adventure for one of the many 100s of S&W house rule games. 22 pages, PWYW.  (Also, I'm not sure why a guy/company who does OD&D adventures names itself after an appendix in the 1e DMG)


Bloodbath Bunnies -  The author was trying too hard to be funny in the description and I'm not sure what this is exactly. 99 cents though and from the author of the Oldskull stuff, so the 30 pages might have 5 pages of actual content.

Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Monsters - I was a big fan of the original B&T. But the 2nd edition was just another re-skin of S&W among the many other 100s that are out there and was a huge disappointment to me.  Still, 500 new monsters. $9.99

Cleric Turns for Labyrinth Lord - Because for some, rolling 2d6 and looking at a chart is harder than an automated PDF. PWYW

Dark Places & Demogorgons - The Ghost Hunter's Handbook -  Adds new classes and more to the modern horror game. $4.99 and 60 pages.

The Oneiromancer  - New character class for S&W whose powers revolve around dreams. Wait, that's useless you say, but sleep is one of his spells, so maybe not. Also seems to cast illusionist spells, which is a bit odd, but eh. PWYW and 5 pages.



Deities and Personalities of DarkMoore -  Free setting info about the DarkMoore setting.

Friday Enhanced Map 9-28-18 -  Dungeon/Temple/Cave looking thing. $1

PM6 Expert Monsters Set 2 -  Paper miniatures of the monsters from H to W in the BECMI expert set. 25 pages and $3

RPGPP#48 3 Occult Killer Antagonists - 3 apparently medieval authentic serial killers for Lion & Dragon. 19 pages, $2.99

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