Tuesday, December 17, 2019

New OSR Products at DTRPG — December 16th, 2019

Lots of adventures this week, including a big pair from Autarch. While I know they are supported by Kickstarters, their products are amazingly low priced. Certain batrachian companies do Kickstarters for old 3e conversions and charge 3x what they should.

Official (?)

Palace of the Vampire Queen -  The original module from Wee Warriors is now back, this time published by Precis Intermedia (I think Pacesetter had it for a while before that). $4.95 and 26 pages.


AX2 Secrets of the Nethercity -  Big adventure book for ACKS.  $10 and 186 pages

AX3 Capital of the Borderlands -  Setting and sandbox adventure for ACKS. 224 pages and $10

Brutal Games -  Apparently the PCs get kidnapped by pirate minotaurs and are forced to fight in their maze. 60 pages, $8.99

Misthollow Castle -  PCs are hired to clean out a noble guy's castle in this Basic Fantasy RPG/Odysseys & Overlords adventure. For 5th to 10th level, 9 pages, and $1.25

SC4 Perilous Expeditions -  Compilation of 4 Starry Knight adventures for OSRIC. 112 pages, $20


On Downtime and Demesnes -  Stronghold and such book. 254 pages, $19.99

Romance of the Perilous Land -  Purportedly (no preview) OSR game from Osprey about Arthurian roelplaying. $24.50 and 256 pages.


Cavalier Attitude Volume III, Issue 4 - Contains a high level 1e adventure and some other stuff. $2 and 16 pages.

Friday Enhanced Map 12-13-19 -  Not sure what it is, but it seems modular and likely designed to work with the past few maps. $2


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