Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — March 23rd, 2020

Remembered to put a title, this time!

The biggest release of the week, and most definitely the year, is the massive dungeon The Halls of Arden Vul, published by Expeditious Retreat Press. Personally, I think they left money on the table by not doing a Kickstarter and also seems odd they didn't publish it as multiple books. But eh, that's just me.

Adventures & Settings

Castle of Septor -  This is the first adventure from Gamer's Group Publication and is a decent sized adventure for 4th to 12th level characters. Quite a range. $4.99 and 48 pages.

Burning of Novikov -  Sci-Fi adventure for Stars Without Number. 16 pages, $2.99

Dangerous Places Bundle -  Bundle of Spes Magna Games's 3 adventures. $2.50 and I dunno how many pages, but probably not too many.  I seem to have bought one of them and have no memory of it.

Fen Orc Almanac 2020 - This is six new adventures (or scenarios) including some pretty unusual ones. Seems suited for con games.  64 pages and PWYW (suggested $3)

Santa Muerte Guide -  Lost Boys inspired setting for Dark Places and Demagogues, the OSR Stranger Things style game. 120 pages, $9.99

SM04 Gazetteer of the Land of Young - From Dunromin University press comes this setting book for their game world. 91 pages, and PWYW (suggested $4.95)

The Halls of Arden Vul Complete - I can't do it justice. It's huge. More a gigadungeon than mega. 1120 pages and $109.  While that's pretty steep for a PDF, at the same time, their Advanced Adventures are close to a $1 a page in some cases

The Lonely Coast 2020 (OSR) -  From Raging Swan comes this collection of small villages.  90 pages, $11.95

The Towers of Lyska Lasforn - This is from Geoffrey Dale, the Inferno module guy, so while old school, uses his nigh on incomprehensible game stats. 95 pages, $3.80


Creature Feature Quarterly Vol 1 (OSE) -  16 new monsters statted and illustrated by Jeremy Hart for Old School Essentials and B/X, including paper miniatures and VTT tokens. 65 pages, $4.50

Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy: Player's Rules Tome -  Somehow a B/X clone needs 8000 different books. This is another one of them. With rules for characters up to 14 and spells up to 6th level. 144 pages, $9.99

The Craft of the Wise: The Pagan Witch Tradition -  For B/X and OSE. 66 pages, $2.99


Friday Enhanced Map 3-20-20 - Looks like a sea coast dungeon. $2

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