Friday, June 26, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — June 25th, 2020

As if things weren't odd enough this year, we're about to get hit by a Saharan dust storm

Lots of adventures this week and seemingly nothing else.

Adventures & Settings

A Shadow Over the Greatwood -  Sandbox adventure from Rosethrone Games (always want to say Rosethorn) for 5th to 7th level S&W characters. 100 (!) pages, $3.99

Hexed Places - Green Caldera -  The burial ground of a dead mushroom god or something. $2.69 and 17 pages.

RPP Tamlane - Adventure from the Pundit for his Lion & Dragon game featuring the Wild Hunt and an Elven knight.  20 pages, $2.99

The Keep of the Troglodytes -  Another installment (the 8th, by my count) of the ongoing hexcrawl series from Third Kingdom Games. $2.95, 23 pages.

The Lounge Temple of Asavraki - Stoner comedy adventure. 6 pages. $1

The Mines of Yeblith-mau -  This is the first product from North Dragon Press and is a module for low level B/X (2 to 4). 24 pages, $4.99 and has a print version available as well (for $12)

The Throne of Skulls - Highish level OSRIC adventure from Joseph Mohr. PWYW

Valor in the Prison of Despair -  This is an adventure for the rather odd RPG Legend Quest that may or may not be statted for OSR games. Hard to tell. $4.99 and 76 pages.

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