Friday, July 24, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — July 23rd, 2020

Last week was my birthday, so I skipped

Adventures & Settings

Adventure Anthology: Blood -  Aka James Raggi really needs money, so here's 5 early LotFP adventures in one PDF. $19.99 and 350 pages.

Big Puppet -  Looks like it's one of those adventures where real life people end up in a game world. For LotFP so presumably it's super nihilistic, pretentious, and edgelordy. $9.99 and 99 pages.

Fermentvm Nigrvm Dei Sepvlti - LotFP adventure so like above, only some medieval thingie. 104 pages, $9.99

Last Vestige of Hope - Gamma World (1e) adventure from ThrowiGames, originally designed for a con. 30 pages, $4

Moving Maze of the Mad Master - The 6th Maximum Mayhem Dungeon Module for 1e/OSRIC. 44 pages, $10 and if it's like the previous, is more a con style adventure than a real one.

Star Jumper Adventure Pack - Compilation of 3 adventures for Small Niches's White Star games. 66 pages and $4.99

The Basilisk Knights -  Part of the ongoing hexcrawl series from Third Kingdom Games. 27 pages, $3.95

Tich-Toch Teens Hexcrawl the Moon - This seems to be a joke product for OSE. 69 cents and 4 pages with the promise it might get fleshed out if it sells.


Deck of Weird Things -  LotFP supplement, so presumably half of them will immediately destroy the campaign world, while the other half will just kill the characters. $9.99 and 66 pages.

The Woodsman - Medieval Authentic (tm) class for Lion & Dragon. 99 cents, 6 pages.


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