Friday, July 3, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — July 2nd, 2020

For some reason, there is someone who rates every single PWYW/free product a 2 or 3.  Why does this person do this? It's one thing to review or even rate something, but just spam rate doesn't do anyone any good.

I complained to DTRPG about this, but they apparently don't care.

Adventures & Settings

Clan Gallien Region -  Part of the Rosethrone setting, a couple adventures of which I have, but cannot remember anything particularly specific to know what this region is. PWYW and 12 pages.

La Tomba dei Re Serpenti - Italian version of a LotFP adventure. 38 pages, free.

SG5 The Basilisk -  From Starry Knight, 6th to 8th level 42 pages, $7.50


CAL 1a - Conversion Guide to Meryath for Calidar, Labyrinth Lord Version -  Whew. This is a conversion guide for the three Calidar books set in Meryath. 26 pages, $2.95

CAL 1b - Conversion Guide to Merytath for Calidar, OSRIC Version - 26 pages, $2.95

New Knights of the All Mind - House rules for Advanced Labyrinth Lord from a old time 1e group that switched. 32 pages, free.


Calidar Series 2 PDFs Bundle - All the newer Calidar stuff in PDF. Does not include the above (which is older).  $17.55.  Print and PDF version $48.70

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