Friday, May 1, 2015

The Dreams of Ruin Kickstarter now live

I can never get the Kickstarter embed thing to work right, but The Dreams of Ruin is a project from the author of the original Exalted game (which honestly, I've never played and only vaguely heard of, I think it's a Wuxia game?) that uses the Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future rules

The Dreams of Ruin is a 224+ page roleplaying game sourcebook, initially published in pdf format. Its author is Geoffrey C. Grabowski, developer of the first two editions of Exalted, as well as a writer for dozens of RPG sourcebooks.
The topic is a dark, haunted magical forest, the Forest of Woe. In addition to being a location of adventure, it is also a world-threatening infestation whose growth threatens the very heart of reality. The Dreams are both a source of quests and danger, and a campaign-spanning enemy suitable for challenging parties of even the highest level, including even young demigods, heroes and other lesser immortals.

The Dreams of Ruin is an “event book” compatible with Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future and usable with almost any old-school gaming system. It details a threat multiple worlds in scope, that can easily destroy nations and destroy even the most powerful party of adventurers.
The Dreams of Ruin is the result of mixing Geoffrey’s interests in gardening, accounting and his love for Moldvay’s version of the rules for classic fantasy gaming. It’s a gaiden of a larger project, Eumenides, that Geoffrey has been working on off-and-on for about a decade. However, Mr. Grabowski felt that The Dreams of Ruin had enough substance to merit a treatment of its own, and offers it here for the discerning gamer.
This is art done for its own sake, whose purpose arrived from the heart. An expertly crafted and uniquely personal effort, drawing inspiration from the ruined heart of America’s industrial northeast.

So something different anyway. And apparently it's going to be released under a creative commons license.

OTOH, I'm not sure if you get anything for pledging. Seems to be basically just be a donation deal, a high profile Pay What You Want...

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