Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Changes at Pacesetter Games & Simulations

That is, the company making modules, not the actual old Pacesetter that was bought out a year or two ago by Goblinoid Games.

Anyway, I've been hearing a lot of rumors about slow shipping and what-not, and looks like there is a reason for that.

From: Pacesetter Games & Simulations

Re: Changes at Pacesetter Games & Simulations

Date: July 26, 2015

For many of you this letter may be too little, too late. Pacesetter Games & Simulations is approaching its sixth anniversary, and this should be a time of excitement. However, it has become all too clear, that if PGS is to move forward, significant changes must be initiated.

To be perfectly clear, shipping has been, at best, a roller coaster ride. There have been horrendous delays and errors. I have tried to work through these seemingly incessant shipping disasters. But as soon as I think I have it handled, issues arise and the problems get much worse before they get better. I am not making excuses, and I never have. PGS’s shipping problems are my responsibility.

To run PGS at the level required means I need to devote more time to the company than I have available. It is just that simple. Pacesetter customers deserve better. Pacesetter has enjoyed the patronage of fantastic people throughout the years. Through mismanaged shipping, I have also seen many simply give up. That is on me. For those who have remained, I am grateful and indebted. It is not from anything I have done that so many have remained; in fact, despite my futile efforts, many people have been very supportive. But to be perfectly honest, I am not feeling that I deserve that sort of support. I simply have not done enough.

Therefore, it is time for me to completely change Pacesetter operations. I have contacted, at this time unnamed, a company that specializes in gaming shipping fulfillment. Also, all Pacesetter modules will be released in PDF and print form via Drivethrurpg.com, Lulu, or some other entity (I am evaluating which one will work best). For now, here are the changes:

Shipping will be handled completely by a third party.
Noble Knight Games will receive limited quantities of all releases.
All products will be available at conventions attended by Pacesetter
Select modules will be carried by some other vendors at conventions not attended by Pacesetter
All new module releases will generally coincide with specific conventions (NTX, Gary Con, U-Con, and Gen Con).
Most modules will be released in both AD&D and D&D5e versions.

Right now, I am seriously behind in shipping several items. Most of the NTX orders have been sent. However, some have not. I expect to have the balance shipped over the next couple weeks. This includes the delayed B2 Beyond the Caves of Chaos. If you have a concern, please send me an email at your convenience.

For those of you attending Gen Con, I will be at booth 3039 (just help out – Pacesetter will have a very limited product line at the convention). I will also spend most of my free time at the auction. I hope to see some of you there. Feel free to let me know what you think – good or bad.

Furthermore, I am selling off some of my collection in order to significantly capitalize Pacesetter. Making modules has never been about the money for me. I created Pacesetter because, like many of you, gaming is my passion and hobby. However, to get things where they need to be, I am going sink some money into the company in order in improve everything I can. I will be posting some items via the Acaeum classifieds. The first three items are listed below.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has purchased Pacesetter modules. I have always been humbled by your support – many of you have supported me from the beginning. I have stumbled, or flat out fallen into that ten foot deep pit, on too many occasions. It with the deepest conviction that I will move forward and make Pacesetter a better company. Again, feel free to email, text or call me at the contact listings below.

(thanks to Celestian for posting this over at Dragonsfoot)

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