Friday, July 10, 2015

New OSR Products at DTRPG—July 9th, 2015

Lots of sourcebooks this week and no adventures except for a reprint.


Beneath the Ghoul Lair, 2nd Printing -  Johnny Rook lives, sort of. They put out a number of adventures a few years ago for OSRIC, but have been quiet until now, though this is just a reprint. 20 pages, $6.


Assimilant Menance! - Sourcebook for White Star. 17 pages, $3

OSRIC Complete Bundle -  This gets you the Usherwood Adventures sourcebook as well as the Revolvers and Wizardry sourcebook (see below). $10.

Powers of the Mind - Psionics for ACKS. 117 pages, $10

Psionics II: Psychic Boogaloo Warriors of the Mind - Psionics for White Star. 17 pages, $2.99

Revolvers & Wizardry: The Discordant West -  OSRIC goes Cowboys & Minotaurs. 88 pages, $5.

The Prodigy - a new bard type class for OSRIC/1e. 98 cents, 6 pages.

Thunder Lizards - Dinos for OSR games. 12 pages, $2.


AC1 - First Edition Attack Bonus Tables -  Want to use ascending AC with 1e (or OSRIC, I guess), well, these tables will help. Free.

Dark Albion: The Rose War -  What would happen if the War of the Roses had happened in a fantasy setting? Well, it wouldn't have happened, since all the things that set up that conflict in the first place never would have happened. But if somehow it did, this book would tell you how. 275 pages, $9.95

PM4 Basic Monsters Set 3 - Hidden Treasures - 37 printable miniatures of Basic monsters. $5

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