Thursday, August 27, 2015

New OSR Products at DTRPG — August 27th, 2015

Woof. The cold I usually get at the end of September is afflicting me now, I guess because the weather has been so cold.


Folkloric Interludes: Marriages and Brides to Evil - I guess this is an adventure (the "sample" is just two title pages so it's unclear what the product is), apparently based on German Folklore.  For OSRIC, $1.25 and 8 pages.

Return of the Mad Hermit - Small Nice Games returns with a Swords & Wizardry adventure for levels 1-3. 26 pages (giant single column), $1.99

Space Cede - Short sci-fi adventure and includes a new class. 8 pages, $1

The Folio #3 -  The first one was one of the worst adventures I've ever seen, but I guess enough people like it that it is now up to part 3. $5.99 and 32 pages. And on the plus side, it has Jim Holloway art.


Classes of Pop: Superhero - Superhero (the comic book sort, not 8th level fighter) class for Labyrinth Lord. 2 pages, $1


Game Night Issue One - Apparently this is a comic book about people playing a Swords & Wizardry adventure. $1.99 and 29 pages.

Tome of Tomes Volume 2 - 100 books that might be found on a sage's bookshelf. $3.60, 19 pages.

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