Thursday, September 17, 2015

New OSR Products at DTRPG — September 17th, 2015

Kind of a slow week, a couple new free classes and an interesting adventure are the highlights.


Hexed Places - Five Pack #1 - This is a bundle of 5 hex crawl adventures. $11.39

The Cliff Lair of Heeter - Low level adventure for OD&D. $1.99, 12 pages. From the preview, it seems rather swords & sorcery-ish.


CX1 Extra: Gnomes -  Gnome classes for LL or B/X. Free

For Gold and Glory -  The 2nd edition retro-clone is now up on DTRPG. Free

Grey Nebula: Crewmen, Con-Men, and Lawmen - White Star didn't have a whole lot of classes (though more than White Box) and this fills in some of the gaps. $1.99, 21 pages.

The Myrmidon - New class for LL from 3 Toadstools. Free, so check it out.


100 Intelligent Swords - 4 pages, $2. That's 2 cents per sword.

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