Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Issue #23 of Footprints available...

Even though I visit Dragonsfoot every day, it's remarkable easy to miss stuff like this. Issue #23 of their e-zine, Footprints actually came out last week. I might have missed it, but 500+ people haven't. Always amazes me how high their download count is.

Anyway, this issues contains

Lycanthropes with Class (article)
The Slayer (class)
Centaurs! More Than Just Horsing Around (article)
No Bones About It (adventure)
Basic Equipage and Supplies: Costs and Encumbrances (article)
A Digest Alchemical (article)
Human and Halfling Character Background Tables (article)
B11a: Priest's Errand (adventure)
The Eye of Ishur (fiction)
Shards from the Workshop (creatures)
Undead Immunities (article)
Citadel of the Carrion-Eaters (adventure)

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