Thursday, October 22, 2015

New level of Castle Triskelion available

The good people at & Magazine (and of course, the author of it, Tim Stypinski) have published a new level of the ongoing megadungeon, Castle Triskelion

This module features 67 encounter areas, plus new monsters such as the Jousting Wasp and Glutinous Gunge, as well as known monsters like the Talon Goblin and Cadaver Spiders.
Wait! You don’t know what the Jousting Wasp and Glutinous Gunge are???
Then you will have to download New Materials Volume II, which features 30+ new monsters, new magic items, new mundane items, and new information about currencies of the realms!

Check it out, it's all free (and good).

(hat tip to Darn I Zhaan for this)

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