Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — April 5th, 2017

Sorry, a day late, my internet was out last night because of thunderstorms (yay for Satellite).

Well, that and I was engrossed in a new space 4x game called Stars in Shadow.  It's not as good as MoO2, but better than the most recent one.


Dark Sun Campaign Setting (Expanded & Revised) -  One of the things about the Dark Sun setting is that it had an ongoing plot that was mostly told in the novels which radically changed things. Which resulted in them having to re-do the setting .  288 pages, $2.99

DLS2 Tree Lords - Dragonlance adventure about wood elves. $4.99, 32 pages.

DLS3 Oak Lords -  Dragonlance adventure about wood elves. $4.99, 32 pages

Joshun's Almanac - The Known World/Mystara was essentially built with the D&D rules, not AD&D. For whatever reason, TSR decided to scrap D&D and make Mystara an AD&D world.  And as part of the change, they dumped the Poor Wizard's Almanac and changed it o Joshuns. They also dropped a lot of the neat aspects of the settings - the various militaries (since AD&D had no war system, really) $9.99 and 240 pages (it's digest sized, so not a good deal, even if it weren't a terrible book)


The Snake's Heart -  Apparently originally a White Box adventure, now retooled for Mazes & Perils.  32 pages and for low level characters. $8.99

The Temple of Fartamental Evil -  Comedy adventure (as you can likely guess). 20 pages, PWYW.


Microlight74 Ultimate Edition Digest/Epub -  Epub version of the popular OSR game. 384 pages and $9.95


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 3-31-2017 - Pretty fancy looking dungeon level, looks like there is a swimming pool. $1 for enhanced version.

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