Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — April 11th, 2017

Pretty slow week, though if you like Hero, they just dumped a boat (make that oil tanker) load of Hero/Champions 4th edition stuff. I could never really get into it myself, but I know it has its fans.


DLA1 Dragon Dawn -  I don't think they ever came close to re-capturing the feel or success of the original Dragonlance stuff, but they kept trying. This module is from 1990. 64 pages, $4.99

MSOLO2 - Maze of the Riddling Minotaur -  One of the invisible ink modules for BD&D.  $4.99 and 32 pages

Swords & Spells - Basically Chainmail 2.0.  48 pages, $4.99

The Ruins of Myth Drannor - One of the sort of annoying things about the FR megadungeons is that they were essentially only published as frame works. Basically here's some minor stuff, go make it yourself.  But you didn't really need to spend $30 on a boxed set for that, did you? 160 pages, $9.99


Guests for Dinner - Short low level "funnel" type adventure. PWYW and 10 pages


Magic Madness 2: Spells for OSR Games - 32 new spells for OSR games, 29 pages, $2.50


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 4-7-17 - Looks like a fairly complex Temple er, complex. $1 for enhanced version.

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  1. Hey heads up: Swords and Spells is missing page 7. I've notified them, and have been told they are working on it. If/when they fix it, I'll post a comment in the discussion section of the dtrpg page for it.