Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — April 4th, 2018

Had to work in the freezing rain (isn't it Spring?) over the weekend and I seem to have come down with something.


The Argentine Connection -  3rd party adventure for Operation WhiteBox and apparently includes rules for weird war. 24 pages plus VTT map, $1.95


Dungeon Delving Undying Light Edition -  Based on the (even more) dumbed down version of S&W, S&W Continual Light, but then apparently with stuff added on to it so it's less dumbed down?

It's like the all the White Box supplements added the stuff to White Box that White Box took away from S&W Complete.   96 pages, $3.99


Black Dogs #3 - LotFP 'zine.  50 pages, $3

Friday Enhanced Map 3-30-18 -  $1

Przygoda - Cienie Duskpass - I don't know what this is as it seems to be in a non-German or Latin language and thus it's incomprehensible. But it's for the OSR. PWYW, 5 pages.

RPGPundit Presents: Mutant Hordes of the Something or other - $2.99 and 16 pages of mutants

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  1. If it is full of consonants, it is either Czech or Polish. If it is full of w's and z's, and there is a Ł or ł somewhere, it is definitely Polish.