Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New OSR PRoducts at RPGNow/DTRPG — May 30th, 2018

Amusingly, the 3rd Edition of Boot Hill appears to be a top ten seller. There is a lack of serious wild west games.

Official (I don't know if these are new or just now in print)

B1-9 In Search of Adventure -  Perhaps one of the most radical revisions in the supermodule line, this takes the first 9 B modules and turns them into a long, but not linear, campaign. $9.99 for the PDF and $19.99 for a softcover.

FMA1 Fires of Zatal - Part of the Mesoamerican adventure series. $4.99 PDF, $9.99 in print

Poor Wizard's Almanac II -  I loved this things, they made Mystara feel alive. Until they killed it with Joshun's Almanac.  Originally digest sized, this is $7.99 for the PDF and $14.99 in print.


Assault on Yaxley Manor -  The #33 issue of RPGPundit Presents is an adventure. 17 pages, $2.99 and allegedly "Medieval Authentic"

Inferno: City of Glasya-Labolas -  From Geofrrey Dale comes another Inferno product (originally started back in the JG days), this time detailing an infernal city.  157 pages, $5.50

Inferno: Gasya-Labolas Denizens - I guess this contains the stats for the monsters. While he claims compatibility with old school D&D it actually has little (almost more with 5e). But still an interesting product line and definitely old school. 47 pages, $1.25

Inferno: City of Glasya-Labolas Bundle - Both of the above for only $4.80

Into the Troll's Den - Not just trolls, but trolls with traps.  25 pages, $2.50

Remembrance - Modulo 1B -  Modulo isn't a typo by me, it's a module in Italian (I think) for Labyrinth Lord. PWYW and 64 pages.


0E Monsters of Jordoba 2 -  4 new monsters, including the punny "kuo-togre". 11 pages, 99 cents.

Six New Old School Character Classes - For B/X and LL. This is actually a bundle of 6 of Sharp Mountain games - Gambler, Alien Elves, Forest Gnome, Paladins of Space, Carven (think wooden smurfs) and Wanderwood (treants). $3.

Untold Adventures (Sword & Wizardry) -  My gosh! Another version of Swords & Wizardry! And this one is even lighter and easier. Who'd ever thought we'd see one of those? At least it's PWYW so you can see how it compares to the 843 other "lighter" versions of S&W.


Friday Enhanced Map 5-25-18 -  Underground cave-lake. $1.

PWYW Stock Art - Arabian Thief on Flying Carpet - Ironically, this probably violates his "May not appear in Works deemed racist, sexist, or similarly offensive works" merely by its stereotype, but it's a pretty nice piece of art.

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