Saturday, March 9, 2019

Pacesetter Games & Simulations has a Kickstarter for yet another B/X Rules Set

I am suffering from the flu (actually fell asleep driving home from work, though thankfully I woke thanks to the rumble strip on the side of the road) so perhaps this is all a delusion of my fever ridden mind. But Pacesetter Games &  Simulations, the one by the Barshes, is apparently going to produce books of their version of B/X.

By my count, this is at least the 4th version. You had Labyrinth Lord, then Adventures in the East Mark, then B/X Essentials, now this.  I guess maybe Adventures in the East Mark is more of a BECMI clone and it never got past the first set. At least in English.

Anyway, I'm not sure the elder Barsh ever finished the kickstarter for the Acaeum (sp?), but this is being done by his son, who apparently did finish his 5e kickstarter.

OTOH, apparently it's not written yet and somehow promises to be done by June 30th. 


  1. Bill did finally ship Cataclysm at the Acaeum tho it took him 6 years (ship date was suppose to be in 2013).

    I won't be touching any of their products till I see them on the sheld and in something like Drivethru or similar. I just can't depend on them in kickstarters or their online ordering.

  2. Off topic comment. I find curious how Ghastly Affair went from "some gothic RPG that seems to be OSR" (you wrote that a few months ago) to "perhaps one of the most neglected games" and a recommended RPG on your blog. Could you elaborate, please? I'm interested in the game and would like to read a more precise description of its virtues. Thanks!

  3. Here is what was posted about the status of the game. I pledged for the $60 boxed set level!:

    Thank You!
    Posted by Pacesetter Games & Simulations (Creator)

    Well its been 30 days since we started this voyage and 334 of you jumped on board. To that, all we can say is Thank You! We are more than humbled by your fantastic support. So here we are and here we go. Over the next couple weeks we will be wrapping up the books and modules and getting them ready for the printer - which is right here in the USA. Most of the books will be produced by our local printer, so no delays in shipping to us. In about 15 days we will be launching Backer Kit in which you will wrap up the shipping end of the project. You will also have the opportunity to select any add-ons. When backer kit concludes, you will start receiving PDFs. We expect to have all the printed books within 30 days of concluding backer kit and shipping immediately thereafter.

    We will keep you updated all along the way. Again, our most humble and sincere thanks for backing this project. It is going to be awesome!

    Pacesetter Games & Simulations