Friday, March 29, 2019

New OSR Products at DTRPG — March 28th, 2019

Somewhat slow week, but a lot of adventures.

There's also a handful of zines dedicated to Empire of the Petal Throne, but it's from Grognardia Games who I consider something of a scammer over the Dwimmermount KS


No, Really, It's Me - 4 pages outline for an adventure. $1

RPPP: The Cyrmi Davey - Medieval Authentic (TM) adventure about a Welsh guy running off with a non-Welsh guy's wife.  I think I saw an episode of Mannix about that. $2.49, 16 pages.

Sision Tower -  35 room dungeon crawl in a tower for levels 3-5. $3.99 and 39 pages.

The Devil of Murder Cliffs - S&W adventure from Casey Christofferson and Frog God Games. For levels 3 to 5. $9.99 for 39 pages which makes me wonder if they left a digit or two off by accident, as it's much less than their usual sky high prices


Friday Enhanced Map 3-22-19 -  Not sure how to describe it, looks like an underground truck stop. $1

Gamma Zine #1 - 3 short adventures and some other stuff for old school (presumably) Gamma World. $3, 29 pages.

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