Saturday, August 3, 2019

New OSR Products at DTRPG — August 2nd, 2019

Also interesting, there's a handful of new adventures for The Fantasy Trip. I remember when that was a "Microgame". Dark City Games did a good job of carrying on that tradition


Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Revised (2e) - I was never too big of a fan of the FR, but for those that are, this is now back in PDF form. $14.99 and multiple files of about 280 pages.


Cha-alt -  This is a mega-dungeon from Venger Satanis. Part of me hesitates to include this, since I'm not sure if it's OSR statted or not (even his OSR products aren't arguably OSR statted, as he has no grasp of any rules system, even his own). Probably at least has some interesting art. 218 pages, $20

Descent into Madness : First Steps - Part of a megadungeon, continuing from their module The Sunken Fort.  72 pages, $4.99

Grinding Us -  Apparently a spiritual sequel or something to the Grinding Gear module for LotFP, which made a big deal of the fact that it had a MU with the sleep spell in it. This seemingly has more of a premise like The Assassins Knot, a testing ground for would be thieves. 34 pages, PWYW

September Short Adventures 2 -  10 adventures from 2011 for use with Labyrinth Lord.  18 pages, Free.


Dark Fantasy Magic -  Small magical supplement from the author of the excellent Dark Fantasy Basic to make magic more , well, dark. 12 pages, PWYW.

Dark Places & Demogorgons - Martial Arts Mayhem -  What would an '80s game be without martial arts? I took Tae Kwon Do back then. (Amusingly this came up at work, I was talking with a 20-something co-worker who asked "Who in the breakroom could take him in the ring?" and was amused when I answered "Me", mentioning I had actually fought competitively before.  "When?" "30 years ago", which caused him to scoff, when I mentioned Bolo Yeung from Bloodsport who was like 50 when he did that. And he hadn't seen Bloodsport, which I found even more depressing.

Anyway ,$4.99 and 89 pages.

Luminous Bristlemaw -  Some sort of aquatic monster. 1 page, Free.

Old School Fantasy: Distinguished Characters - Dual and multi-class characters for B/X.  12 pages, $1.99


Friday Enhanced Map 8-2-19 -  Level 5 of the Eye of Shumway dungeon. $2

Megadungeon #4 -  Dual statted zine for B/X and 5e. $4.99 and 56 pages.

RPPP: Medieval-Authentic (TM) City Guide: Kingston Upon Hull -  Doesn't get any more British sounding like that (maybe throw in a Nigel and Ian in the name). $2.99 and 33 pages.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the mention. I'm overwhelmed! Will update the preview for Cha'alt later today so everyone can see for themselves.