Saturday, September 7, 2019

Seven days left in The City of Vermilion Kickstarter from The Merciless Merchants.

I am a big fan of their modules (well, mostly by one guy, Malrex, whose Patreon I have a link to), but they never really seem to have gotten much traction in the OSR community. Maybe because they aren't artsy or pretentious but just good? Especially good to actually run and not just read?. Maybe because they use the AD&D rules (2E for most of them, For Gold & Glory)

Anyway, presumably for that reason, they started a kickstarter for their latest module, The City of Vermilion 

However, the KS is only about halfway funded with a week left to go.  It's reasonably priced, too. $12 for a PDF of a 165 page adventure, $25 for softcover (at cost printing at DTRPG)


  1. They should have waited to start the Kickstarter by a couple of months due to the fact, "City Builder: Platinum" & "The Lost City of Gaxmoor", kickstarters were already running. I would have pledged, but had already done so with the Gaxmoor one.

  2. There's a lot of stigma against AD&D in general (as "anti-fun" and "the ruleset that led Gygax astray") but 2e is particularly vilified due to a bizarre combination of thirdhand Lorraine Williams hate and decades-late anti-soccer mom sentiment. Oddly, a lot of the 2e-isn't-OSR crowd seem to overlap with the DCC-is-OSR crowd.