Thursday, October 16, 2014

New OSR Products at RPGNow—October 16th, 2014

Not terribly busy this week, but I've seen worse.


A World Gone Mad - A new module from the Gagmen, so presumably uses Basic Fantasy RPG, Set in an asylum. 32 pages, pay what you want.

Broken God's Pain: A Low Level OSR adventure - Hmmm, sounds promising: Broken God's Pain, a low level OSR adventure brings challenge to your players.  No Orcs or goblins will they face.  Will they let the cult of the new god defeat them?  The old god thinks not!

But what about giant rats? Regardless, it's a big module, 64 pages and $4.50

FC5 - Leptis Magna - This week's Adventures in Filbar product. From the title, seems to be about a giant rabbit, but I don't know Latin. Apparently used in a game at Gen Con this year. For mid to high level characters, 37 pages and $3.

The Warlord's Vault - From Creation's Edge games for Swords & Wizardry, part of their mini-module line. Levels 6-8. 12 pages, $1.50


Wizardzine #1 - New magazine from the talented Gavin Norman. 50 pages, $2.50, seems to be devoted to new magic.

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