Monday, October 20, 2014

Proteus Sinking—Pay What You Want Psychedelic Fantasy adventure

Psychedelic Fantasy being the line of adventures published by the author of Carcosa, Geoffrey McKinney. To me, psychedelic can mean something like that movie by The Monkees to Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, to two old hippies trying to sell records in the parking lot of a grocery store from out of their VW minibus.

I'm not sure which this one, Proteus Sinking from Bjorn Warmedal falls under, but you can see for yourself. Going by the author's name, it probably involves either Vikings or smurf-like creatures. We'll see.

Update: Sometimes you make a silly guess and it turns out to be true.

The Globonauts are bipedal slime creatures of a fluorescent blue colour. They travel through space and dimensions to find beauty and happiness,

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