Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Temple of Asibare—New Pay What You Want module from QuasarDragon Games

The Temple of Asibare is the new module from QuasarDragon Games. I guess he changed his mind on the name of it after he produced the cover.
Lying undisturbed for ages, this accursed tomb is discovered by the characters and a great evil is encountered. Will they survive this brush with darkness or will they become its latest victims. An OSR compatible module for any old school RPG or modern clone, The Temple/Tomb of Asibare is designed for character levels 2-4 or an especially harrowing first level.
This stand alone module combines elements of fantasy and horror for an unforgettable adventure of exploration and a desperate race for survival. Although not specifically designed for Halloween, it contains enough horror elements (new and old undead, a slumbering evil, a black cat, and even a dangerous maze) to make it quite applicable.
Pay what you want (suggested price $1.95), 18 pages

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