Thursday, December 4, 2014

New OSR Products at RPGNow—December 4th, 2014

Most notably, a couple of new LotFP products this week


A Red & Pleasant Land - Perhaps more of a setting than adventure, for LotFP.  Seems to be very much Alice in Wonderland-ish, not literally (like Dungeonland), but very much inspired by it. 197 pages, $14.99

Hexed Places - Fen Fields - Hex crawl type deal, $2.69

The Idea from Space - Low level LotFP adventure. 34 pages, $5

The Pony of Your Dreams - Mine would be a '70 Mustang w/ a 428 engine, but in this case it's a free adventure from the Gagmen. 21 pages


Blood & Treasure Monster Tome - Whole bunch of new critters for Blood & Treasure, but usable in most OSR games. It's been available at Lulu for quite some time now. 172 pages, $6.99

Fetishistic Arcana - This is about magic using minor magic items, fetishes. 25 pages, $2


Old School Character Sheet - From 3 Toadstools

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