Monday, December 15, 2014

Original Edition Delta: Book of Spells 2nd Edition now available on Lulu

 That's weird, after months of nothing OSR related on Lulu, on back to back days there are new items. Today, it's Original Edition Delta: Book of Spells: 2nd Edition, available in both print and pdf for $8 and $6 respectively.

A concise, comprehensive collection of magic spells for use with the "original edition" fantasy game rules (as published by Gygax & Arneson, 1974-1975). A handy supplement for both DMs and players of wizard characters. Now revised & edited with extra care for the 2nd Edition! All of the spells have been refined and polished to let their essential facets shine brightly -- bringing them in even closer alignment with the original game. It's easier than ever for DMs and players to use and remember any wizard spell at the table without slowing down the game.

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