Thursday, December 11, 2014

New OSR Titles at RPGNow—December 11th, 2014

Some pretty neat stuff this week.



Barrowmaze Complete -  This is a megadungeon from Greg Gillespie. It's appeared before in two parts along with illustration and map books, but this gathers it together into one product. $40 for the PDF, $75 for the hardback, and 260 pages. I can't honestly say that's a bad deal for what you get, but it just illustrates how good a deal Dwimmermount is (which is 400 pages and $10 for the PDF, $40 for the hardback)

Food Fight - A new adventure from the Gagmen

Revelry in Torth - The third adventure from Venger Satanis, whose work is probably the closest you can get to Heavy Metal (the magazine) in terms of modules. Little pricey though at $10 for 39 pages.  Aimed at low level characters.

The Unholy Land - Hex crawl set in the Holy Land. A lot more dinosaurs there than I thought. PWYW, suggested price $2.99, 20 something pages.


By This Poleaxe - I missed this, it's a free set of rules to run skirmish level mass combat in Labyrinth Lord and similar systems.

Collectanea Creaturae: Psyche Lasher - WOTC didn't make the Mind Flayer open content and there have been countless attempts to replace them with someone similar.


FT - The Barony of Civille - Last week didn't have an Adventures in Filbar product. But they are back with a free sourcebook about a port city which may or may not be full of barbers.

The Hill Cantons Cosmology - Apparently a description of the hairstyles and makeup trends in the Hill Cantons setting. Or maybe not.  $2, 8 pages.

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