Saturday, November 28, 2015

New OSR Products at DTRPG — November 28th, 2015

Not too much this week, a couple of adventures and a questionable White Box supplement (What's the point of White Box if you add everything from Greyhawk and etc back in. Only different names? Like the Knight Errant instead of Paladin)


Ogres of the Fen -  OSRIC adventure. Ogres have fled to a town and the town wants to know why. 20 pages, $6.

Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid - Originally made by the author when he was a kid in 1981.  10 pages, free.

WBO04: Stuck on Etholk - White Star adventure. $1.99, 17 pages.


Bloody Basic Bundle - Has five different Bloody Basic rulebooks (each for different genres). $19.45

Blood & Treasure RPG Bundle -  Contains the main book, the monster book (although the main book has like 500 monsters), and the player companion. $20.97 and lots and lots of pages

White Box Chivalry - Paladins and Anti-Paladins for White Box, only under different names because using the normal terms wouldn't be cool (or something). 13 pages, $1.99


0one's Blueprints: Megadungson - The Undercity - Map for a megadungeon. 25 pages, $1.99

d30 Collection of Height & Weight Table  - Free

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