Sunday, May 15, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — May 15th, 2016

Fairly quiet week, a couple of adventures and monster books that are worth a look.


A1 Slave Pites of the Undercity -  You know, it wasn't until a few months ago when I took a close look at the cover of this and realized that the bearded dwarf on the cover is female. $4.99, 32 pages.

Atlas of the Dragonlance World - For people who didn't know it was Krynn. $4.99 and 168 pages.

Battlesystem 2e - I only had the first one with all the counters. I remember once setting up a battle and then sneezing, literally blowing my army away. Supposedly this is simpler. $4.99 and 128 pages.


HS3 Incursion of the Chain Devils -  20 room/10 encounter adventures for characters 5th to 7th level, featuring a bunch of converted 3e/Pathfinder monsters. 16 pages, PWYW, or get it here for free

Mechanized Men of Mars -  An adventure for Warriors of Mars. $2.99 and 32 pages

The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil - Sidequests - Basically a short free teaser module (7 pages, total, just a fight, really) for their (somewhat pricey) Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil adventure


Beast Folio Volume 2 -  4 new creatures for Labyrinth Lord and rules for radiation. 14 pages, PWYW

Beasties - New monsters, traps, NPCs and so forth from Night Owl Games, makers of the excellent Warriors of the Red Planet and the crappy Colonial Troopers. Hopefully it's more like the former than the latter.  84 pages, $4.99 

Character Options - Compatible with Stars Without Number -  10 pages, $1


COA04: Guidebook to the Duchy of Valnwall (PDF/ART) - This city sourcebook for LL is available free/PWYW, but if you want art, it will cost you $4.99

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