Sunday, May 8, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — May 8th, 2016

Not too busy this week. Some character classes and a couple of 'zines


The Rogues Gallery - I always found this more interesting for the TSR characters than the random characters. 48 pages, $4.99


The Wizard's Tomb -  Although it says system neutral, it seems geared for any flavor of D&D, including old school. 12 pages< $2.99


Eastern Expeditions: The Ninja -  Ninja class for Delving Deeper/0e. Nin nin nin. PWYW.

Eastern Expeditions: The Samurai - Samurai class for Delving Deeper/0e. PWYW

The OSR Android - Rules for playing an android, which is something that came up in my game. PWYW or get it here for free


Adventures in the East Mark -  East Mark Area Map - Nocturnal Media's first attempt at providing content for the English version of the Spanish BECM retro clone. Free

Dungeon Maps! Fantasy Stock Art - 10 hand drawn old school maps for use with publishing projects. $9.95

Nod 29 - John Stater's magazine continues. Does anyone put out more stuff, much less maintaining a high level of quality? 72 pages, $4.99

The Peridot, Issue #1 - A 'zine from the creator of Yoon-Suin. Features a Mesopotamian setting. 80 pages and $4.35 (probably will fluctuate since I think the creator uses some other currency)

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