Sunday, May 22, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — May 22nd, 2016

Not real busy this week.


MC1 - This is the monster book for 2e. Or one of them. $4.99, 144 pages. I ran 2e some, but I used 1e monsters, which was probably a mistake since 2e ones are often much tougher.

MC2 - The second volume.  Also 144 pages and $4.99


The Invasive Invertebrates -  Something from the Frugal GM. PWYW


The OSR Summoner - Essentially a combination of the Pathfinder class and the 2e's Sha'ir . PWYW or get it here free

The Price of Rebirth -  Rules for returning from the dead for White Box, because I guess going to the Temple of Law isn't old school enough.  $2.99, 15 pages.


25 Knight Illustrations -  Public Domain art by N.C. Wyeth. PWYW

Monolith Tower - Neat 7 maps tower by Paratime Design. $5.50

Mountains - A generic guide to mountains. Free.

The Crystal Cave - Neat map of a cave. 99 cents

The Forbidden Sanctuary - Not sure what this is a map of, looks more like a truck stop or something. 99 cents.

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  1. So this site is "news and reviews"...where can I find the news and reviews? All I see is "this is on sale now" over and over.