Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — October 11th, 2016

Almost to the Ides of October. Not too busy this week, most notably the new version of Crypts & Things


DDA4 The Dymrak Dread -  I know absolutely nothing about this latter day basic module. By John Nephew, who is probably my least favorite RPG author (in terms of product quality). TSR loved him though, he seemingly had dozens of bad adventures in Dungeon. 16 pages, $4.99.

Quest for the Silver Sword - Another last days of basic module that I know nothing about. Apparently it's set in Thunder Rift. 16 pages, $4.99


AW1 The Hills of Death - Looks like a wilderness adventure. 20 pages, $2

AW2 Sloven Hills -  Details the lands of a witch queen, easily my favorite kind of queen (well, besides the band). 12 pages, $1.20


Advanced Mutant Companion -  Bunch of new stuff for Mutant Future, the vaguely Gamma Worldish OSR Game. New mutations, new races, and other stuff.  $2 and 39 pages.

Crypts & Things Remastered -  One of the best OSR games gets a new version with more content - specifically more classes, more world info, and some sample adventures.  $13 and 247 pages.

Dungeon Questing New Races Volume 2 - Apparently for a specific OSR game that I've missed (or forgotten), this has 6 races - Minotaur, Rat, Bird, Golem, Lizard, and Centaur. 18 pages, $1


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map - Another enhanced map from Paratime Design. $1

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