Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — January 23rd, 2018

Sort of a slow week. One interesting thing, the Talislanta books have popped up on there. Still free.
I had written a review this past week, then realized I was being a jerk in it, so tried writing it again, but it's much easier to write a review when you feel like ranting...


Quests of Doom 4: Nightstone Keep -  I think we are slowly running out of ominous names for keeps. This one is a Swords & Wizardry adventure for 4th to 6th level characters from Ed Greenwood.  24 pages, $7.99

Temple of Domi - I'm hoping there is a Mr. Roboto in there, but probably not.  For higher level characters (10-12). 40 pags, $3.50


Low Fantasy Gaming RPG -  Have no idea how compatible it is with actual OSR stuff, but here you go. Free


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 1-19-18 -  A more complex dungeon than recent entries. $1 for enhanced version.

RPGPundit Presents #16: The Great City of Arkhome - I gott admit, I was skeptical he could keep this up for very long. But another issue of his weekly thing, this time about a city in his campaign. 18 pages, $2.99

Secret Societies aka All About Secret Societies in a Fantasy Setting - Not really OSR, but free and sort of interesting. More a teaser product.

Tales of Gothic Earth - More like tables, I think, it's the Tales of Grotesque stuff remixed. PWYW

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