Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — January 9th, 2018

Almost over the flu. Hope I got the right year.


Light City: One Shot - The Angel -  2 pages adventure for S&W. PWYW

RPGP Presents #14: The Secret Order of the Red Lady -   12 page adventure. $2.99

The Chasm of Crasmere -  One page adventure for S&W Light. PWYW.

World of Ark Starter Set -  More a set of sourcebooks for a 1e setting than adventures. $6.95


Grimoire I - Svartkonst -  "Grimoire är ett magasin för Svärd & Svartkonst och andra spel av den gamla skolan. I varje nummer finner du nytt spelmaterial och minst ett äventyr. I detta premiärnummer finner du:".  That's a Germanic language, but I dunno which. Yet the price is seemingly in US Dollar, $2.50 (when it's in a native currency, it's always something odd).

Non-Human Codex for Sword & Wizardry - I guess for people who want race as class but still want to say they are playing White Box/0e/S&W.  I don't get why you can't just play B/X, but eh. Free.


Friday Freebie Enhanced map 1-5-18 -  Pretty neat dungeon level. $1 for enhanced version, free version also available.

Old School Blue DUngeons: Cultists vs Goblins - Pretty sure it's just a map. PWYW.

OSR Character Sheets Demonic Edition -  If you aren't playing 1e (or 1e-ish) then you really shouldn't be laying claim to the PHB cover. But it's like "White Box" that adds everything from 1e to the game (and more) yet is somehow still purer than 1e. Whatever.

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