Thursday, August 23, 2018

New OSR Releases at RPGNow/DTRPG — August 23rd, 2018

Was going to write a review, but got caught up in playing The Bard's Tale remastered. Then I thought "Why not review that?" But then I realized I'd need to play even more of it.

With the exception of spell points, I had forgotten how D&D-ish it was.  The Remaster seems much easier, though. Even though it offers a save anywhere system, I have no yet had any problems getting back out of a dungeon yet.


Boot Hill 2nd Edition -  This is the version I am familiar with, I think.  $4.99 PDF, $9.99 print, $11.99 Print + PDF


Castle of Aandoran the Defiler -  1e adventure from Joseph Mohr. 50 pages, PWYW

The Mountain of Fire - Another 1e adventure from Joseph Mohr.  This one pits the PCs against his oft mentioned villain, Malcon the Lich. 5 pages, PWYW


Disruptors & Dyson Spheres -  This confuses me, as it says it's an old school RPG yet is only 2 pages. Even naval combat took up way way more than that in OD&D. PWYW.

Eldritch Tales: Lovecraftian White Box Roleplaying -  What it sounds like. 210 pages, $9.99

New Golems of the Labyrinth -  New golems meant for B/X (which actually had quite a different set of golems to being with) - "Cerebral, Ectoplasm, Flesh-and-Blood, Gas Metal, Leaf, Lightning Rod, Magic, Particulate, Shield, and Water Chariot Golems."  99 cents and 10 pages.


Extinguish the Sun #2 -  LotFP zine. $2, 18 pages

Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde: Color Maps -  Didn't this already come out? It;'s maps, also in print form, of the old JG world.  $9.99 PDF, $14.99 for poster + PDF

Fantastic Wilderlands Beyond: Revised Guide -  Guide for said map. 38 pages,  $4.99 PDF, $6.99 PDF+map, though it indicates that PDF is also with the PDF above.

Niti's Parade and Other Entertainments -  Free advertorial supplement about carnivals.

Random Terrain and Encounter Generator -  Joseph Bloch's foray into random table territory. Probably at least coherent, unlike most others. $9.99 and 105 pages.

RPGPP #44- Medieval Authentic Activities for Successful Medieval Authentic Characters-  Don't drink the water, use the long s, watch out for giant falling helmets, and probably more. $2.99 for 19 pages of silliness.


  1. Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde is set 2 of 4 describing the whole Wilderlands, and covers maps 6 to 10. Wilderlands of High Fantasy covered maps 1 to 5.

    These present the maps that Rob Conley was doing for the City State Kickstarter.

    The map se comes with the PDF of the guidebook; the guidebook is offered separately for print because OBS does not allow big map prints and book prints to be on the same order, let alone the same product.

    The booklets basically include everything in the original booklets, organized and edited, that go along with the maps.

    The second set include the map and information for the regional map for the City State of the World Emperor; originally that had been included with the World Emperor product, rather than one of the regional map sets.

  2. What James said :) The next set of 4 will be the Wilderlands of the Magic Realm, and the last set of 4 will be the Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches.

    One reason for doing this way was the negative feedback on the price of the Necromancer Games Boxed Set. ($70+ dollars) which presented all 18 maps at once.

    The second is that it is a pretty big project even doing going the minimalist route as I am doing here. Breaking it up in chunk makes it easier to manage.