Thursday, July 31, 2014

New OSR Prodcts at RPGNow—July 31st, 2014

Another quiet week. I wonder if 5e is taking the steam out of the OSR? Certainly, that's all people are talking about at the RPGSite...


FP7 - Blood Mace of Khan Sing - An Adventures in Filbar module for mid level parts. $3 and 22 pages

Thulian Echoes - An adventure for LoFP. 31 pages, $7.50. It's not from Raggi, so it might not be the traditional "screw you" adventure. But then again, I wouldn't bet on it...


Chevalier - A new class from Barrel Rider games. This time it's for OSRIC, not Labyrinth Lord (is it really that hard to stat a class for both?) and it seems to be a revamped Paladin. $1, on sale for 75 cents, 6 pages.

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