Thursday, July 3, 2014

New OSR Products at RPGNow—July 3rd, 2014

Wow, busy week. Most of these flew under my radar.


Adventure at Goldmarsh - This is an adventure for 5th level characters from Lupus Rex games. 39 pages, $4. Sounds interesting:

First is the adventure itself (Adventure at Goldmarsh), one wherein the party must stop another band of adventurers from waking an ancient power. This adventure starts with an investigation followed by a trip through a marsh, an exploration of a ruin and culminates in a battle in the past.
The second is a complete village (Goldmarsh) for the party to explore and interact with. The village is completely system-free and can provide many adventures just from the descriptions therein.
Ryubix - Already mentioned, a 20th level haunted manor adventure. 90-something pages, $10.


Bringer of Order - This is an "OSR" class from Nordic Weasel Games. 5 pages,  99 cents

Inquisitor - A Labyrinth Lord class from Barrel Rider games.  8 pages, $1

Metaphysician - Another Labyrinth Lord class from Barrel Rider games. 7 pages, $1

The Gilded Grimoire - the second product from Ravenlore Press about their world of Ark.  139 pages, 99 cents.

Creature Decks: Dragons, Undead, and Outsiders; Fey, Constructs, and Wildlife; and Animals - these seem to be similar to the old TSR monster cards. An illustration of the monster on one side, stats for the monster on the other. $5 for each deck in PDF, $10 in print and about 60 cards per deck

FT - Cedarwood - An adventures in Filbar sourcebook for a city in the setting. 20 something pages, $2

Hark! A Wizard - This seems to be rules to quickly create wizard NPCs. 28 pages, $5.99

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