Thursday, September 11, 2014

New OSR Products at RPGNow—September 11, 2014

I guess this was a busy week. Most of the products are a little odd, and/or short.



Assault on the Southern Horn - 14 pages, $1.50  I have no idea what this is, what system this is for, or what, but it's in the OSR section

The Dungeon of Crows 2 - Avatar of Yog-Sutekhis - The second part of a large dungeon by Daniel Bishop. Labyrith Lord, low level, usable with DCC. Pay What You Want.

FC8 - Epistle to the Pasha of Poncetalla - this weeks Adventures in Filbar module, possibly a CHiPs crossover. For mid level characters, 20 pages,$3.

Pickled Piracy and Other Stories - Another gagmen adventure, this time free, not PWYW



Bestiarum Vocabulum: Freshwater Monsters and Hazards - Seems to be for Labyrinth Lord and has info on water monsters. 17 pages, $4. 

ReArm Yourself! - A supplement for Swords & Wizardry. I think this was released for a free a week or two ago, semi-munchkiny way of superpowering your grear. 21 pages, $2



OSRIC Referee's Screen - Various tables from OSRIC arranged fancily. 33 pages, $6, and part of the proceeds go to support the Knights & Knaves message board.

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