Friday, September 12, 2014

Small Niche Game launches Time of the Dying Stars: Book One Kickstarter

Basically it's a novella set in the world of Dolmvay, which was the sample city in the Labyrinth Lord corebook and then fleshed out/detailed in the Pay What You Want product Dolmvay.

Time of the Dying Stars: Book One is the first of three books set in the City of Dolmvay. It is a collection of interlinked short stories that follow the events leading up to an ancient prophecy. This novella provides insights into the city's politics, religions, and the lives of everyday citizens.

The goal is $500, if $1000 is met, there will be a sourcebook based on the novella, and if $1500 is met, then there will be a separate adventure set in the city.

The novella is planned to be PWYW, but if you pledge $10, you get pdf versions of two campaign settings, and for a $20 pledge, you get 7 adventures (which I think is the entire library of what they've published).

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