Thursday, June 25, 2015

New OSR Products at DTRPG—June 25th, 2015

Not that busy a week, at least if you like adventures.


RL1 - The Craft Dungeon of Reynaldo Lazendry - A module from me intended to be a starter dungeon (and was, actually). Includes a home village. 30 pages, PWYW or get it free (scroll down a couple posts).


Beyond the Wall - Across the Veil -  This is an undead sourcebook for Beyond the Wall. 25 pages, free!

From the Vats - Free supplement about Vivimancy. 54 pages (and crashes my tablet)

Hyperspace Messenger 04 - Skills -  This is a skill system for White Star. 12 pages, $1

Paladins of Space - New character class for Labyrinth Lord with a space knight theme. 8 pages, $1. (Kind of funny, since one of the classes I was using in my game was the Stellar Ranger, basically a space ranger)

Relics of the Akashics - This seems to be a collection of psychic themed stuff. 16 pages, $2.99

Wor Born #1: Atlanteans -  This is a supplement from Three Sages games about Atlanteans, who are part of their setting, Wor. Free, 2 pages.


Drongo: Ruins of the Witch Kingdoms -  Didn't this come out last week, too? $6.99, 64 pages.

Dungeons in Blue - Megatile  5-pack #4 - Geomorphs. $4.19.

Kirt Needs Money Bundle - A compilation of several products from Ivanhoe Unbound

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